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Progress Information

This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school.

Tan Belt

A student must achieve a minimum of 2 tips to advance to Tan Belt.

Testing for the rank of Tan

  • Complete 14 sparring classes (before 2nd tip)
  • Perform what you did to earn your final 2 tips (kata & Self-Defense).
  • Any 1 past Katas of your choice and 8 self-defense techniques. (Attacks are listed below)
  • Break a re-breakable board with a palm heel. (Kids 6th grade and under green board, kids 7th-8th grade blue board, 9th grade-Adults brown board)
  • 1 Minute on the heavy bag.
  1. Straight right punch
  2. Straight left punch
  3. Right round punch
  4. Right front kick
  5. Left hand lapel grab
  6. Two hand push
  7. Shoulder grab
  8. Right kick/right punch

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