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Progress Information

This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school.

3rd Degree Black Belt

Name in White on your Black Belt with 3 bars.

Click here for Black Belt Exam Page

As a 3rd Degree Black Belt you must take on a White Belt Protégé and bring them to the rank of Black Belt before you can earn your 4th Degree.

A 3rd Degree Black Belt can pick their student form our school's White Belts or bring a new White Belt into the school.

You may also choose more then 1 White Belt to work with.

Please register with Master DePalma the student/s you are coaching.

To achieve your 4th Degree Black Belt your student must have completed all the requirements for 1st Grade Black Belt and passed the Black Belt Exam.

You have now given back to others what you have learned and are qualified for 4th Degree Black Belt.

Master F. DePalma

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