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Black Belt Exam

Dear Black Belts and Black/Red Belts,

We had an incredible March 2017 exams. The TEAM started with 112 Black Belts Sparring the morning of the Arizona MARRS Open. Even more impressive is how many stuck around to then compete at the tournament. This exam we offer (every 18 months) The Black Belt Exam at Sea with 33 students testing on the cruise and a total of 92, with family members cruising with us. On exam day at the school we had 62 making a grand total of 95 taking the full exam. That was 2 great exams! The instructors all hope you learned as much as we did during this exam by watching others and seeing where there is room for personal growth.

On the Black Belt Exam at Sea the testing board was Kyoshi DePalma, Master Wilber, Master Lindsay, Master Calantog, Master Wisniewski & Sensei DePalma. On exam day at the school it was the same board – Master Wilber. Such an honor to have so many high ranking black belts in our system here to grade and support the students. “Strength is in Unity!”

Names found below are ones who have passed this exam and will be graduating to the next rank.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the next one in October!

All times are listed below for the next exam.

As you know there is a lot expected of you on this exam. If you practice hard and keep your attendance up to 3 times a week your exam will seem to be easier. Remember this is your black belt exam and you will be expected to do things that may not be listed here.

This Black Belt Cycle we will be working on:
  • 1 TEAM Kata with your school
  • Under 1st Degree Kata – Tiger
  • Past kata – 2 of them
  • 1st Degree and Up Kata – Crane
  • Self-Defense – A list of attacks will be at your school. Each week you will review a different attack with one or more techniques to use.
  • Written Exam will be on “Zen in the Martial Arts” by Joe Hyams

Dates and times may change. Check with your instructor or check this page for updated information.

Kyoshi F. DePalma

Due Dates & Times

Exam Applications/Belt Fee – April 20, 2017
Must be in full uniform for all parts of the Exam!
Pre-Exam - Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups, Bag Kick & Breaking

Mesa, Scottsdale & Surprise Schools
Monday, September 18, 2017 - 7:30 PM (location Desert Mountain School NEC of Via Linda/136th)

Gilbert & Queen Creek Schools
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 7:30 PM (location South Gilbert School NEC Lindsay/Pecos)

Run – All schools October 21, 2017 - 8:00 am, South Gilbert School

All who competed at 3 AZMARRS Rated events in 2 black belt division each (sparring & forms, weapons or musical) Between 4/1/17 and 3/25/17 and qualify to skip the run, need not show up for it. Visit www.AZMARRS.com for tournament listings.

Please check with your instructor to see if you qualify to skip anything!

Sparring – September 16, 2017 - 9:00 am at IST (Inter School Tournament).

Basics – October 21, 2017 - 10:00 am @ South Gilbert School – located on the NEC of Lindsay/Pecos

Kata – October 21, 2017 - After a lunch break @ South Gilbert School

(What time is the lunch break? After the basic portion of the exam! ? We don’t know how long the basic portion will last. We will finish it when we see everything we need to see. A note will be put on the South Gilbert Facebook page to notify when we are getting close to break.)

Self-Defense – October 21, 2017 - after 15 min. break from kata @ South Gilbert School

Exam Fee is due at the beginning of your Pre-Exam. Fee is $25.00 cash and must be paid to your Instructor. **Make UP Pre-Exam will have an additional $50.00 charge.**

Kata Scoring & Breaking

On your exam you will have to perform two kata of your choice. You are scored by the examining board on a scale of 0 - 3, 3 being the highest. If you perform a kata of the beginner level the highest you can score is a 2, if you perform a kata from the intermediate level the highest you can score is a 2.5, from the advanced level the highest you can score a 2.75 and from the black belt level a 3.

Breaking will be done either at the Pre-Exam or during Exam Saturday. We have found over the years more success with breaking when being done during the exam.

On the Black Belt Brochure mailed out there is a typo of age to board. It should read:
Blue/Brown Board – 10 & Under
Brown Board – 10 - 12
Black Board – 13 & Up

The above are suggestions. Your Instructor may challenge you to do higher. Train for the challenge
Age 10 is in two categories and decided by the instructor.

All ranks must have attended 60 regular classes and 30 sparring classes between April 9, 2017 & October 21, 2017

Students Who Passed BBE March 2017

Exam rehearsals will be held with your Head Instructor. Check with your school for dates, times & locations. Click here to visit our School Calendars

To E-mail your instructor please go to the “locations” page.

Students graduating must arrive at Brimhall Jr. Hich School, Mesa 6:00 PM for an all school rehearsal.

Black Belt Graduation: Brimhall Jr. Hich School, Mesa - Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Doors Open 6:30 PM, Show begins at 6:45 PM

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently."
-- Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Please see your instructor for a bio form. This must be filled out and emailed to your instructor no later than the Wednesday before Graduation. Only the bio form from the instructor can be used.

1st Grade Black Belt:
Logan Jaffie
Eric Mundis
Noelle Hom
Braven Velasco
Peyton Taylor
Austin Bolstad
Anthony Barone
Nigel Mugo
Albert Munoz
Corinne Niaura
Chloe Hom
Nived Ambadipudi
Colin Forristall
Dylan Tassainer

2nd Grade Black Belt:
Stillman Schneider
Louis Velasco
David Francoeur
Joe Leo Dawson
Emme Velasco
David Mincks
Wyatt Calantog
Eiven Mugo
Logan Shields
Devon Olson
Ethan Gohn
Landon Pickering
Cade Newland
Alex Salazar
Carson Coats
Sheri Ashton
Marco Aguinaldo
Zachary Sherman

3rd Grade Black Belt:
Matthew Layne
Briggs Pritts
Xavier Arnett
Braedon Thomas
Julian Sanchez
Wyatt Stahlschmidt
Johnny Pisani
Logan Scrima
Sedona Ashton
Ethyn Terhune
Trevor Fredrickson

4th Grade Black Belt:
Adrielle Umali
Davis Lobb
Jenna Brilon
Charlyse Wapniarski
Anokh Ambadipudi
Joshua Leo
Sarah Collins
Ben Kuzmich
Ryan Brewington
Jacob Hall
Vincent Trocchio

5th Grade Black Belt:
Derek Fellows
Jake Tangeman
Samuel de Jong
JD deWaard
Kiana Halland
Joshua Hori
Matteo Bergsagel
Kai Halland
Johnathan Kitowski
Kira McDavid
Luke Brewington

1st Degree Black Belt:
Zak Hori
David Hori
Christopher Manuel
Fernando Garcia
Addy Van Duyne
Bryson Leonard
Marco Bergsagel
Joseph Dawson (2nd Level)
Nicole Hart (2nd Jr. Level)
Cassie Scrima (3rd Jr. Level)
Jaydin Leo (3rd Jr. Level)
Emily Fredrickson (4th Jr. Level)
Emma Fredrickson (5th Jr. Level)

2nd Degree Black Belt:
Greg McDavid
Dagger DePalma
Andrew Milke
Austin Chester
Skylar McDavid
Aly Houle
Stephen Stewart (2nd level)
Domenic Frangella (2nd level)
Madison Waaler (2nd level)

3rd Degree Black Belt:
Mike Haywood
Jason Houle

4th Degree Black Belt:

5th Degree Black Belt: